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More About Fumo

Individually handcrafted from Premium Vegetable-Tanned Italian Leather, Fumo combines the elements of style and sophistication into an original wallet & rolling case, designed specifically for the iPhone 6.  The device mounts on the wire holders, ensuring full access to the buttons and ports.  The facing side is the wallet - the sleek card pockets, long vertical pocket, as well as the two side cash pockets, and perhaps anything else you’d like to store in there, makes this case a replacement for your everyday wallet or a very convenient auxiliary wallet. 

The rolling station is the defining feature of Fumo: Fashioned from our favorite green Italian leather, the rolling paper dispenser fits up to King Size papers.  Conceived to be enjoyed anywhere, the Makizara, “rolling dish” in Japanese, is a quintessential concept behind many of our products.  Blend your smoke of choice in the Makizara, and provide a simple, stylish, and enjoyable way to transfer your plant into your rolling paper.

Packaged in a wooden box, traditionally used to store and keep tea fresh, its tight fit protects your plants from moisture, making it perfect as a container for any plants you have an interest in prolonging freshness.

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