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Does all of your leather come from Italy?
Yes, all of the leather used in our products is premium Italian vegetable tanned leather, secured directly from the Italian tanneries.  

How will my leather change over time?
The beauty of vegetable tanned leather is that it doesn’t lose its versatility and luster with age.  As you use your leather, it will become softer and develop unique characteristics over time as it is influenced by the sun and the natural oils on your skin. 

What happens if my leather gets wet?
This leather is more water-resistant than any other kind of leather, however it is not waterproof.  If it gets wet, allow it to dry naturally and avoid putting it close to direct heat.  When the leather gets wet, it has a tendency to harden a bit.  It will soften over time, but various leather oils and waxes are available that can be applied to help this process along.

I’ve discovered marks on my leather, can they be removed?
Many proud leather owners elect to leave marks on their leather for added character, however most light surface marks can easily be buffed out by a soft cloth.  If the mark is quite deep, adding a drop of water before buffing will aid in removal.

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