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Summary: Missouri Legalization Efforts

Bill seeking to make the ballot in November:
The Missouri Cannabis Restoration and Protection Act
Author of the bill: Mark Pederson
Needed to make the ballot: 160,000+ signatures from registered voters  
Deadline: May 8, 2016

After making the ballot, if passed by voters:
Medical & Recreational Use: Legal
Buying & Selling: Legal
Cultivation: Legal
Cultivation & Possession Restrictions: None
Age Restrictions: None
Driving with Marijuana in your System: Legal
Current Inmates Serving Time for Non-Violent Marijuana Offences: Released
Criminal Records: All Marijuana Violations Removed

In a state with almost 4,200,000 (coincidence?) registered voters in 2012, they will need roughly 3.82% of all voters’ signatures in order to make the ballot.

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