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Dopest Shops – Trichome – Seattle, Washington

Seattle, the land of endless rain clouds… or so we thought!  On a recent trip to The Emerald City, it was nothing but blue skies for weeks, surrounded by a sea of green and easily some of the most down-to-earth people in the country.  From everything we witnessed, the legal marijuana market there is flourishing – much in the way you would expect your small indoor crop to when you’re able to put it outside under the sun.  During our extensive tour of the market, we had the pleasure of visiting one shop in particular that I haven’t been able to get off my mind – Trichome located in the International District. 

From the moment you walk in the door, you may not immediately know you’re in a smoke shop, and for good reason.  You don’t see walls covered from floor to ceiling with glass, or anything that suggests that moving massive volume is a priority.  Instead, what you get is an atmosphere meticulously tailored for the smoker who appreciates design.  But don’t let the high-end experience intimidate you, as we are all still smokers here.  The staff are friendly enough to remind you of your best smoking buddies wherever you happen to wander in from.  

Trichome is redefining what being a smoke shop means, and to be fair, lifestyle shop may be a more accurate title.  A fresh selection of apparel, gear, and glass, hand-selected for quality and displayed with style is a welcome development in this budding market.  Don’t miss one of Seattle’s finest next time you find yourself in the area. 

* This is the first post of an ongoing series as we search for the dopest shops around *   

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  • Mark

    Please open a stores in Tillamook Oregon,it’s legal and no store’s

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