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Marijuana Reclassification Measure: Dead

On Wednesday, a bi-partisan proposal to reclassify marijuana in a way that would make it more accessible to our national laboratories in order to conduct “credible research on its safety and efficacy as a medical treatment,” was killed by House Republicans.  While many are in favor, the opposition seems to stem mainly from the desire to protect a generation of adolescents from a substance still clouded by many unknowns – unknowns that likely wouldn’t stay unknowns for long under a system that allows for proper research to take place. 

Clearly it’s ludicrous to prohibit something citing a lack of proper evidence, while simultaneously blocking research efforts to obtain such evidence.  An unlikely candidate who would seem to agree, Maryland Rep. Andy Harris, has been one of the most vocal opponents of legalization over the years.  Despite nailing this role, he also co-sponsored the doomed measure and asserts, “We need science to clearly determine whether marijuana has medicinal benefits and, if so, what is the best way to gain those benefits.”

No matter where one stands on the issue of marijuana, blocking access to information is a textbook example of an issue regarding moral turpitude.  How can lawmakers so easily criticize certain nations of the world for whitewashing or even censoring historical facts with one hand, while suppressing avenues to obtaining proper data with the other?  Moreover, for them do so with the knowledge of patients, some of whom are children who have yet to find relief through any other means, is painful to watch. 

So it seems the decades long issue of reclassification must live to fight, yet another day.

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  • Lisa

    Truly a sad day for all. Prohibition creates crime, declassifying will create jobs and eventually tax revenue. There are at least two generations over the age of 50 that can be tested for long term effects unlike new drugs that are approved every day. Sad day indeed.

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