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Horn is our most premium Makizara. It is similar to Sculpt in every way except its shape and its custom gold-plated keychain has Pufftec’s emblem etched into the gold. Horn carries a more traditional style inspired by the rugged horn on a horse saddle. Our Makizara’s molding and folding form also makes it a great way to relieve stress.

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Sculpt is one of our premium Makizaras. It has a malleable plate between the leather that allows it to be molded and folded by the user’s hand into whatever shape is convenient for rolling. Attached to a gold-plated key chain, the classic design ensures that anywhere you go, you will be rolling with style. Sculpt easily attaches to your belt loop, keys, and bags for convenient everyday use.

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Pakalolo (Hawaiian for ‘Marijuana’) is our foundation rolling dish. Hawaii is the beginning for many of us at Pufftec, and its conception was inspired from the many years we spent together on the islands. The pocket-sized dish is crafted from the same premium leather as the rest of our lineup, finished with Pufftec’s emblem.

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